how to make custom hat patches

How to make custom patches for hats

Who doesn’t wear a hat? Almost everyone.

A hat is a classy fashion accessory that one can wear anytime. For a thing to be used so commonly in our lives, how cool would it be if we get the option to tailor our hats! Right? Well if you are one of them who is looking for ways to customize their caps, this article is for you! Here we are going to tell you some easy and creative methods to make your hat. Learn to make patches, it allows you to create anything you like. If you like superheroes, you can put them on your hat. Want a custom hat for your group of friends? Sure! Not a problem. Here is how you can make badges for your lid with some simple and easy steps.

Methods to make custom patches for hats:

There are several methods you can learn to make different patches for hats. However, we have discussed some of the easiest ones to help you.

Sewing a patch:

Sewing a patch is definitely a way to make cute badges. First of all, we have to gather all the basic tools. The tools that we need here are, a tear-away or hoop stabilizer, and a piece of background fabric for the patch, we would recommend you to use Osnabrug as it is light-weighted, strong, durable, and gives a frayed look to your hat patches. Sailcloth and twill can also be used. Then take a piece of flannel to give your fabric more stability.

Start with making borders on the base fabric (tear-away or hoop stabilizer). Put a little sticky spray on the flannel and stick it to the base. Now stick the top layer i.e. the background fabric you are using for your patch. Stitch the design on the surface. Make the patterns you want. After completing the stitching process, tear away the base fabric. Cut the patch following the border you made. Your patch is ready! Stick the piece to the hat with the help of a glue gun and your hat is all set to be worn. 

Image patch:

If you want to draw an image on the patch, all you need is an image on a piece of paper besides all the basic tools. Place a source of light or a touch behind the image. Put your hoop and fabric above the image. Follow the outlines of the image and stitch accordingly. You can sew the design using your hand or the machine but of course, sewing it by hand will require a lot of patience and practice. Once you are done, cut the stitched image out of the fabric and your creation is ready. If you follow these methods making custom patches for hats will not be a hassle.

Leather patch:

Lather patches look way more pretty and classy. In case you don’t know how to make one, we got you. For making a lather patch you will be needing a piece of leather, a painter’s tape for masking the badge so that it doesn’t get any smoke stain. Engraving a logo on a piece of leather will be needing you a laser machine. The first thing you need to do is to design a patch for hat for laser etching. Now engrave that motif on the piece of lather with the help of a lather machine. Once your design has been engraved, you can now cut the final outcome out of the piece of leather. The badges can be filed with the help of heat and friction. For finishing the edges you can use mineral water and bee wax. Remove the masking take from the piece of leather and your artistic creation is ready for the hat. Stitch the badge to your cap using a thick thread. Repeat the stitching process so that the badge doesn’t fall out of the hat easily.

Benefits of methods:

Learning the skills to make your own hat patch can help you personalize your attire and steal the limelight on occasions. You can start a business and sell these personalized commodities. Practice these methods daily and see yourself becoming a hat designer. There is a lot you can do if you learn these methods and practice them on regular basis.

Benefits of custom patches:

  • These stamps are cost-effective as compared to direct embroidery.
  • They give more of a professional appearance. A personalized badge on your clothes gives helps you interact with your customers.
  • They are an effective tool for advertisement. If you want your company to stand out from the crowd and promote itself, using these stamps is a good step
  • They are durable. They can be cleaned and dried easily.

Types of Patches:

 There are several types of bespoke patches you can make using these methods.

  • Woven: You can make motifs from a woven fine thread on a piece of cloth, they look more like the embroidered design on your accessory
  • Embroidered: Embroidered stamps are made on cotton, polyester, leather, twill, etc. These are one of the traditional pieces of art in the market. They are thicker and more colorful than woven stamps
  • Lather: We have discussed this type above, the type is usually used by industries making Caps, jeans, jackets, shirts, backpacks, etc.
  • PVC: PVC stamps are made from polyvinyl chloride. These are the light weighted rubber-like designs and are used in fire and military, shoe brands, suitcases, and various clothing brands.
  • Chenille: These are made from fancy yarns. They are soft to the touch and are usually used for making brand logos. These are commonly used in decorative clothes and fleece. Such stamps are used by industries making winter clothes, hats, bags, and the list goes on.
  • Name: Name Badges are made by stitching or sewing names or logos on a simple patch. Such pieces are used by companies and are most suitable for shoes, coats, jackets, caps, etc.
  • Bullion: These are good-quality hand-sewed stamps made out of silver or golden thread. The background for these embroideries is black. The thread used for these designs is metal silk or Indian wire. They have a stylish 3D look and are used in royal guard outfits. These stamps are used in blazers, British-style clothes, royal clothes, uniforms, caps, and more.

Now you know the methods, benefits, and types of the custom-made piece of thread. You can make personalized hats without any worry. If you like a particular logo to be printed on your lid, follow the above steps. If your kids like heroes, give them a custom-built cap with the signs of their favorite heroes. Do they like real-life heroes? Custom firefighter patches for them. The article would be helpful to guide you and aware you of the things you need to know before creating your artistic creation


Making a personalized cap is not a hassle now. Want to make a bulk of tailored hats for the giveaway?  We got you! Want to personalize your hats according to your outfit? We got you! Want to promote your company? We definitely got you! And we assure you that your experience with these customized lids will surely make you go for them again and again because these are very much alluring. We understand your needs so don’t worry. Make sure to follow the methods and you are good to go.