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Tips And Tricks For Decorating Your Backpack With Patches

School and colleges are the places where you do not just explore the academic world but new fashion styles as well. Trending outfits, unique accessories, shoes, and funky bags are commonly seen when you step inside an educational institute.

P.S: We are not talking about the military institutions.

Back to the topic. Nowadays, backpacks with colorful patches are in trend.

Let us tell you why.

Badges are the only creative accessory you can use where ever you want. And the reason why people usually use them on handbags is that they can be carried every day, everywhere.

Maybe you’ve seen multiple patched hand carriers, which is why you are here to design yours.

Here is a tip, buy keister in different materials and decorate those using different creative styles. For this, you can follow some fantastic tips and tricks we have for you.

Patches: The Ultimate Customization Element for Our Bag Packs.

Buying a single patched hand carrier can cost you around $110, whereas if you buy a carrier and bundle of badges separately, it will cost you less than $80

Let’s make the calculation.

You want to buy three bags costing $110 each, so $110*3=$330

If you buy both things separately, the bag will cost you up to $50, and the cheap patches online will cost you up to $30/ per bundle. $50 + $30 = $80, for three bags the price will be $80*3=$240

Disclaimer: The prices vary depending on the material, the platforms, and the brand you buy from. Plus, your art of shopping and bargaining hold importance as well. The cost is the rough estimation of how much cash you must’ve for each option.

If you think making your customized purse will be perfect for your pocket, follow the instructions and design various hand carries like the picture below.

Choose the Material Carefully:

The durability of an accessory depends on the fabric it’s made from, which is why we choose nylon for backpacks, as it is the most durable stuff. But, as patches come in different materials, not every one of them is applicable to each fabric.

For example:

 For hand carries, there are several kinds of stuff like

  • Leather
  • Nylon
  • Mesh
  • Cotton
  • Straw 

On the other hand, the badge backings come in different materials

  • Tape
  • Velcro
  • Sew on
  • Iron-on
  • Self-stick

Opting for the ideal type is essential because of their suitability

For example, Iron-on patches cannot be applied to nylon fabric, but they are best for denim and cotton.

Similarly, not every backing type gets the support of each stuff. One must be very cautious about spending money on customized items. Do your research before spending each penny.

Mindfully Bring Your Inner Creativity Out

Do you like star wars? Now you can customize your accessories with its stickers. Students nowadays use funny Velcro patches for backpacks, making their carriers look amazingly funny.

Here is the picture for you, in which you can see a variety of options to decorate and customize yours

The Velcro badges you’ve seen above are all funny, which is why their popularity is incomparable to any other type.

But you have to be on guard while using it. Sticking the Velcro material with glue is a waste, as it can fall off later. It’s better to sew them on.

The sew-on Velcro comes with a hook and loop, primarily used in the military sector. The hook is attached to the fabric with the help of a needle and thread, whereas the loop is attached to the hook. You can attach and detach the badge as per your desire.

Iron-On Badges:

The best thing about the iron-on stickers is that they can be easily applied. Just press the blotch with iron and BOOYAH! Your handbag is ready to rock.

But as mentioned above, we have to be very cautious and mindful regarding the choice of fabric.

Check the labels on your keister. Some fabric cannot bear the iron heat. You can destroy your whole carrier using high temperatures on them. Be attentive when you are sticking something on silk and polyester. Moreover, leather kiester does not provide the perfect base for such stickers. The best option is to attach them to cotton and denim, as mentioned above. Both of these fabrics are strong and durable enough to bear the heat easily.

Tip: To increase the life of iron on patches, protect them from hot water. Plus, a gentle cycle to wash your hand carry can protect the artistic sticker piece from being damaged.

Magnetics Hook:

Similar to Velcro and a blessing in disguise, the magnetic hook enables us to customize our bags as we want. Earlier, we discussed that we could buy three sacks and customize them in three different styles.

We can design a polyvinyl kit with embroidered patch stuck on it.

The cotton kiesters can be used with a stick-on fabricated piece.

The nylon can be decorated with self-stick blotch.

But if you are frugal and do not want to splash out on expensive material handbags, go for magnetic hooks.

You can be a star wars fan, a Netflix watcher, and a fangirl for BTS/One direction all at once. Attach the magnet to the base and to the creative fabricated piece with the help of glue. Keep customizing your hand carry based on your mood and outfit of the day.

Some Best Ways to Put the Patches on Your Backpack

  • Use fabric glue if you are a procrastinator and do not want to sew.
  • Iron-on patches make your life easy; utilize this blessing of the textile industry.
  • For sew-on patches, your needle and thread should be thick and strong to pass through the stuff and your badge at once. This tip is necessary to follow if the base or material to be attached is leather-made.
  • Protect your Velcro from lint and grime to prevent it from losing its stickiness.
  • Again, do your research before designing your own kiester. The base stuff (on which you are going to attach your badge) and the sticker fabric material should be suitable for each other.

The option to customize your own things is truly a blessing. Another amazing thing is the ability to design your own possessions.


We often have hired designers and tailors to customize our clothes and accessories. Their speed does not always collaborate with our plans. This is the main reason why we should learn to create our own imagination.

This article does not fall around “how to sew/ attach patches.” Instead, it has some tips and tricks for you.

Just like we cannot wash wool and velvet in the washing machine, we have to be cautious about the accessory’s material. If you have read this passage carefully, you now might know the do and don’ts for your bags. Now, you make an eye-catching hand carry and chin up for being the best designer.