5 Tips to design embroidered patches

To transform your old jackets and shirts into a ravishing and exciting one, you have an amazing option and that is to go with the embroidered patches. This unique and most-used method can make your outfits go all perfect just in a blink.

You must be known to the clothing badges commonly known as embroidered patches. This is the type of embroidery which is created by using the fabric backing and thread. They can be attached with a pin and can be sewn as well.

There are several other methods including iron-on, dryer heat-activated adhesive and Velcro backing to affix the embroidered patches.


Embroidered patches are right now in trend and they are going to stay in long run down the road. The appliques, woven, and embroidered patches alongside other shapes are applied to the denim, leather, and other jersey type of fabric to make it go all classy.

The skilled designers of bespoke patches also recommended people to spice up their old garments with the help of the embroidered patches.

All you need is a little creativity and a mind full of innovative ideas. You can also get your hands on trying new and creative embroidered patches that would give an aesthetic look to your old outerwear.


If you want to jazz up your outfits of the closet with some attractive and stylish embroidered patches then it is the high time to get down to the business. If you are hustling to create an embroidered patch then hear me out.

I have jotted down 5 tips to design appealing embroidered patches that would go all perfect on your garment. Have a look.

Go bold with a pop of color:

Once you have thought to give your embroidered patches a try then make sure to first think about the design. It must be very simple and very neat or else if you are going to make it a mix up, it will never look cool.

Small, fine, and delicate designs are always recommended to try at first. You cannot use the hands embroidery traditional process now, but you must keep your design thick and big yet neat and clean.

Also, adding pop of colors and going too bold with the choices is absolutely okay. Everyone will love the end result of the patch.

Keep a contrast color as it is the key:

The colors that we choose for the contrast affect our complete design. Your contrasting color must be bright and should be matching with the tone of the base color. It will make your patch become more legible, attractive, and eye-catching.

Black and white works well for every type of patch and your correct color contrasting can make your patch stand out from others. You can also go with bright red and dark blue, black and yellow also looks phenomenal, neon pink and neon green can also do wonders.

You can also go with several other options. You are all open to show your creativity over your patch.

Complimentary border color:

Well, without a border, everything looks incomplete. Even in a word document, we add the border to the first page to enhance its appearance then why not do the same with our creative embroidered patch?

Adding a border to your patch can provide it a beautiful frame and can add definition to the patch. It can also help you to avoid the loose threads of the patch and it will go wonderful together.

Your patch border must be in a complimentary color with the central design and it will go all appealing. Ensure to make a good choice of colors.

Keep it highly simple and neat:

Keeping your embroidered patch simple and neat is highly advised from every embroidered patch designer. The typography (if any), the shade of color, and the neatness of design must complement each other or else your design will become too messy.

The neatness of the design can help your patch to be highly visible in a crowd. Also, it is an effortless way to grab the attention of people. All you need is a sharp mind that can play with colors and contrast very well.

Embroidering an average size patch that is 60mm is very stressful. You have to stay precise and simple.

The bigger the better:

If you are going to design a larger and bigger patch for your denim jacket, it would be very easy to decorate it with different and detailed designs. In this way, you would also be able to use some bigger kind of designs in your patch as well.

The bigger the space, the neater your work will look. Also, if you would like to add some more creativity into it, you can blow some other colors too!

Before designing an embroidered patches, get to know its correct size and then create your imaginary design over it.


With the above 5 tips, you would be able to craft an innovative and customized embroidered patch. Make sure to incorporate these tricks smartly in your work so that your patch could stand out from others in a crowd.