Design a Logo for Your Brand

How to Design a Logo for Your Brand – Step by Step Guide

There are so many ways to make your brand recognizable in the market and creating a good logo is one of them. But have you ever thought about what makes a logo exceptional and remarkable? Why do you get nostalgic after witnessing a certain logo or watching an old advertisement? There can be several reasons for that, right? But the main reason is a special memory connected to it. 

It’s a story that makes your brand memorable that people can recognize even without checking out the name. The hierarchy of your product decides whether it is going to be a hit or another flop. Several brand logos don’t need our second look, we can identify them right after the very first gaze. 

Seven steps to design a perfect brand logo! 

To help you with your logo designing we thought to compose a step-by-step guide that you can follow to make your brand logo. We hope this helps you to find all the answers to your queries about a logo, logo patches, logo designing, and everything related to it! 

What’s your story?

Always remember that this is what consumers love most about the brand. They need a story or anything that can relate your brand to its logo. Anything you say has to be motivating and moving because that’s how you connect your brand to consumers. Every brand has a story and if you come across a brand that has no story then the survival chances for that brand are lower than other brands. See, you can’t expect people to buy anything you say. Right? So how about telling them the original thought behind your product — what made you come this far and what are your expectations regarding your brand?

Brand identity 

People often misunderstood and think that logo is just another name for brand identity. However, this is not a valid statement and we have to understand that logo is just a glimpse of this wide picture. But yes, the power logo holds can easily build an empire from scratch or makes it go down the drain just like that. It’s up to you how you use this power. Hence, while designing a logo keep your mind open and welcome each suggestion. One can be a bad suggestion but there would be 4 idealistic too. Anyhow, if you hire a professional for your brand logo then you don’t have to be worried about anything but if you don’t want to rush then make sure to be giving your 100%.

Choose your design 

Moving on to technicalities, considering that you have an image in your mind and we hope that you already put it on the paper, it’s time to turn it into a digital image and start working on it. And the first thing you need to do here is to choose your design. Since we have so many free digital platforms with various design ideas, you can pick from Logo Crisp, Looka, DesignMantic, GraphicSprings, etc. to turn your logo sketch into digital format. The good thing about this software or platforms is that you can use them to create bespoke patches too and that too in no time! 

Color pallet 

Just like we have mentioned above, choosing the right color pallet is essential while designing your logo. Because people might forget the name of your brand, or even its tagline but the only thing that they are not going to forget is the color of your logo. That’s how we remember our childhood brands, right? So, when you are selecting the colors, make sure, you keep this thing in mind. It will help you brainstorm your ideas all over again.

The right font 

There is no such thing as the right font. If your tagline is meaningful everyone would understand the font. And if it’s not then no matter what font you have chosen, people are not going to pay attention to it. This isn’t a game of fonts — it’s a war between you and your competitors, whoever produces the best logo, will win. 


Everyone and everything needs inspiration — every great thing in the world is a product of ultimate inspiration. And we are sure that you must be inspired by something or someone and decided to launch your brand in the market, right? The question is pretty simple what inspired you so much? Now you can use this inspiration to design your logo custom patches. For instance, your product is all organic, so the inspiration is coming from nature. But how are you going to add the whole nature in such a small logo? Maybe just a touch of nature? The thing that makes your logo connected to nature is the presence of colors, or drops of rain, soil, greenery, and all that. 

Whom are you competing with?

Last but not the least, you should always beware of your competitors and their moves. Because this gives you the leverage of doing better for the next time. Plus, it’s not like you can’t be inspired by them, well, if their work is good anyone would be inspired. And to reach their level, you have to observe them and their work thoroughly so that you can get some ideas from them. Keep one thing in mind that the one thing you are not supposed to do is to copy. Bring your ideas to the table and refrain from copying others — mentioning this because we know people who prefer to copy and paste than to put effort into any project. 


The logo isn’t your brand’s identity, it’s something that can create a long-lasting impact but does that depend on itself? Of course, not. It can be you or anyone who comes up with any constructive idea. Since you are in a position to make a change, your brand symbol should be something that doesn’t need a name to be identified just like the popular logos such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amazon, and much more. This guide not only tells you the basic step to create your brand logo but also bursts many myths. We hope this article will help you to understand what needs to be understood in logo designing.